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Accra Central District Youth Ministries Website
This is a site where the Youth leaders of Accra Central District of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church can post information about activities of the youth. This site covers information on the Adventure Club, the Pathfinder Club and the Senior Youth or the Adventist Youth Society (including the Ambassador Club and the Master Guide Club).
The Accra Central District (ACD) is part of the South Ghana Conference which is under the Ghana Union Conference of SDA. The ACD is also part of the Accra Youth Federation One.

Adventist Youth
Youth camp 2010


The Spirit of Prophecy sets forth the objectives of a youth organization as follows:
(1) To train the youth to work for other youth;
(2) To recruit the youth to help their church and ‘those who profess to be Sabbath keepers’; and
(3) To work ‘for those who are not of our faith’ (Signs of the Times, May 29, 1893).

In seeking to reach these objectives the youth are called upon

. To pray together
. To study the Word together
. To fellowship together in Christian social interaction
. To act together in small groups to carry out well-laid plans for witnessing
. To develop tact and skill and talent in the Master’s service
. To encourage one another in spiritual growth

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